Old Primary School

The Wedderburn State School No. 794 was established in 1865 at 24 Wilson St, Wedderburn, Mr Joseph Lockhart was the first head teacher. The front section of the school was completed in 1868 and further extensions were made in 1888. Various rooms and halls were rented throughout the town as enrolments increased. The back section of the school was opened in 1908. Over the years, as several small rural schools closed, the Kurraca, Borung and Barrakee schools were moved onto the Wedderburn site.

High School

In 1941, Forms 1 & 2 commenced and in 1948 the Primary School in Wilson St was proclaimed as a Higher Elementary School. On January 1, 1961, the Wedderburn High School was established on the current Hospital Street site.

Amalgamation – Wedderburn College

In December 1999, the Department decided to close the primary school site and merge it with the Wedderburn High School and the Korong Vale State School on the Hospital Street site, and named it the Wedderburn P-12 College, where it has operated since.