At Wedderburn College, the aim of our Transition Program is to familiarise children with the school, facilities, some of the teachers, and future classmates through formal and informal activities.

Kinder to Foundation

We recognise that starting school is a big step for children and our program aims to provide assurance and excitement about the journey that lies ahead.

Our Transition Program runs throughout Terms Two, Three and Four and involves:

  • initial visits by the Foundation teacher to the Kindergarten to meet the children. The aim of this interaction is to meet the children in their familiar
    comfortable setting
  • Foundation/One children visit the Kindergarten to participate in a range of play-based activities
  • In Term Four, the children come with the kindergarten teacher and visit the school twice during the month of October

Later on in November the Colleges hosts a ‘Discovery’ afternoon where children visit with their families. The college arranges two more of these information sharing sessions.

One these session involves an introduction to our Buddy Program. During this session, Year 6 children have the opportunity to meet their ‘Buddy’. Year 6’s support
their Foundation buddy each week in their learning and they support them outside in the playground during recess and lunch too. They provide the little buddies with a friend that they can go to for help or guidance. Year 6s are also encouraged to help the buddies find groups of friends in the Foundation level that they can play with and develop friendships with.

Year 6 to Year 7

The transition from Year 6 to Year 7 is very significant in a F-12 school for both current and prospective students. Many things are different and a lot of change is
involved. Our Year 6 to Year 7 Transition program typically engages students from Inglewood Primary School, St Marys Inglewood Primary School and Bridgewater Primary School.

The Year 6 to Year 7 Transition program runs from mid-way through Term 3 into Term 4, ending with the statewide Step Up Day which is usually held in in the second week of December.

In preparation for Year 7 at Wedderburn College, current and prospective students participate in a number of subject based classes spaced out over the 3 transition
days. During these classes, students meet their teachers, participate in Get to Know You activities, practice using lockers and changing classrooms, and gain an
appreciation of the daily life of a secondary student within our College.

Our Year 6 to Year 7 Transition program provides our prospective new students with a solid grounding for Day 1 of their Year 7 experience, and also appeals strongly to our existing students as they get to experience the vastly different life of a secondary student in a F-12 College.