School Council President

Mrs Carolyn Stephenson

Wedderburn College is the heart of a resilient, caring, hardworking and proud community, and these values are reflected in our school by staff and students. As a rural school, the significant integration, connection and mutual respect between the college and the broader community is fundamental to our success.

We strive to offer a quality education that empowers our children to realise their potential and make a valuable contribution to society. We will not let our size or location be a barrier to the pursuit of excellence and achievement of the highest possible standards.

Our school is innovative and brave, prepared to take on new initiatives to ensure that we can give every child the best possible opportunity at a great education. We recognise the diverse needs of our school community and we want our school to be a positive place and rewarding experience for all students

We are committed to the provision of quality facilities, infrastructure and grounds to support learning and promote pride and self esteem.

As an F-12 school, we value the unique opportunities for mentoring, leadership, role modelling and relationship building that we offer. We see this on display at our combined sports days, musical productions and other school events such as the book week parade.  The care and support by our older students for our younger students, as well as by our staff for all students, is a very special part of Wedderburn College.