School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPBS)

School-wide positive behaviour support (SWPBS) is our school framework that has helped us build our positive, safe, and supportive learning culture.

SWPBS is the way we teach our school values of Respect, Resonsibility and Resilience. Having good behaviour in the school gives us more time to focus on building relationships with one another and classroom learning.

Expected Behaviours

All students are taught about our Expected Behaviours through our Matrix. This is how they show our school values in their actions.

Inappropriate Behaviours

If students have not yet learnt how to demonstrate the expected behaviour and instead they display inappropriate behaviours, we follow a process to teach them how to show the expected behaviour. You can see what do buy reading the Responding to inappropriate behaviours Flowchart.


SWPBS includes practices that provide students with feedback on the accuracy and use of their social skills and behaviours, in the same manner that feedback is provided for successful and accurate academic performance. Little evidence exists to suggest that the use of positive reinforcement, acknowledgements, and recognition has negative effects on academic and social behaviour achievement.

Gotcha Card

Worth 5 Burn Bucks to deposit at the ‘Burn Bank and spend at the ‘Burn Shop.

Burn Buck

A single token worth 5 Burn Bucks to deposit at the ‘Burn Bank and spend at the ‘Burn Shop.

Positive Green Chronicles

A positive green chronicle is worth 5 Burn Bucks to deposit at the ‘Burn Bank and spend at the ‘Burn Shop.

Burn Bank & Shop

Packed full of wonderful gifts, vouchers, experiences and items that students can purchase with their accrued Burn Bucks. The Burn Bank is open for banking on and open for shopping on.

Special Days

Once or twice each term, we have Hot Dog Days, Freddo Frog Days and BBQ days where students can use their Burn Bucks to purchase. These are fun filled days that add excitement and energy to our school life.