Careers Education

The College recognises the importance and value of preparing our students for future lives in the world of work. Our careers program is closely aligned with the general capabilities and outcomes set down in the Victorian Curriculum. From Foundation through to Year 8, students are immersed in careers education through practical and application activities.

Morrisby Testing

At Year 9 all students take the department funded Morrisby Testing. The test seeks to identify student strengths and characteristics with the intention of providing potential career aspirations and pathways. The program also offers a follow up one on one interview with a career’s advisor. Students also receive a personalised and comprehensive book that they can refer to when making future subject choices and career paths.

Work Experience

All year 10 students are involved in our work experience program. The program provides a supportive first-hand experience of life in the workforce in a career of interest. The college recognises the importance of having this immersion as contributing to the capacity and confidence of the student in the workplace.

Career Counselling & Development of Career Education Plan

From Year 10 through to Year 12 all students have the support of a careers practitioner that supports students through the subject selection process of Year 11 and 12. This provision is made possible through the North Central Local Learning & Employment Network (LLEN). The advisor also assists in applications to University and TAFE as well as providing advice for students who wish to enter the workforce once they have completed school.

Vocational Education

All students in the post compulsory years study a VET certificate for at least one year. As part of the schools VM (Vocational Major) program, students experience a day a week in the workforce associated with the VET certificate. This work day contributes to the students VM certificate.

Part-time work

Many of our students are fortunate to have part time work in the local community that provides further first-hand experience of the world of work.