Camps and Excursions are provided at every year level in the college and seen as an integral part of student learning. Camps provide students with an opportunity to explore self, peers and the world around them in a different context that is not always apparent at school.

The camps program is age appropriate and specifically design to meet the needs of the cohort of students. Many of our curriculum camps address the general capabilities of the Victorian Curriculum, especially personal and social capabilities.

Foundation Late Stay
Year 1 Sleepover
Year 2 Local Excursions
Year 3 Malmsbury Doxa Camp
Year 4 Malmsbury Doxa Camp
Year 5 Queenscliff
Year 6 Queenscliff
Year 7 Halls Gap
Year 8 Halls Gap
Year 9 Mt Bogong Snow Camp, Grampians Camp and other Duke Of Ed camps.
Year 10 Work Experience & Drivers Education
Year 11 Leadership Camp – Queenscliff
Year 12 Orientation Camp – Queenscliff

Students are provided with a wide variety of incursions that not only compliment the learning in the classroom but provide a culture awareness of the world at large. Incursions involve but are not limited to literacy, arts, drama and technology in their focus.