2024 College Leadership Team

Principal: Mr Danny Forrest
Assistant Principal: Mr Dean Lockhart
Learning Specialist (Numeracy):
Mr Danny Fowles
Leading Teacher (Teaching & Learning): Mr Alexander Iser

2024 Student Representative Council (SRC)

Year 3 Representative/s: Jade Dierickx
Lucas George
Year 4 Representative/s: Ariah Dehon
Elizabeth Marr
Odin Noordennen
Year 5 Representative/s: Angel Dehon
Zane Polkinghorne
Nate Turnbull
Year 6 Representative/s: Jack Canham
Piper Denney
Archie Derks (Leader)
Sullivan Steel
Year 7 Representative/s: Blaz Cramp
Destiny Donald
Bastian Noordennen
Aysha-Rose Sullivan
Year 8 Representative/s: Emily Canham
Riley Leach
Violet Stephenson
Nada Zec
Year 9 Representative/s: Tate Van De Ven
Jaimee Sheahan
Year 10 Representative/s: Dakota Martin
Tyson Blair
VCE Representatives Alexandra Baldwin (Yr 11)
Blake Farnsworth (Yr 11)
Declan Henry (President) (Yr 12)
Kyeishia McDonald-Chapman (Yr 12)

2024 School Captains

Junior: Kaiden Bristow, Luke Martin, Maora Pambudi
Shelby Giorlando & Chelsea Cunningham

2024 House Captains

Ansett House Captain (Senior Girls):
Libby Norman
Ansett House Captain (Senior Boys):
Travis Lowe
Ansett House Captain (Junior): Meika Collins
Ansett House Captain (Junior): Chelsie Tansley
Ansett House Captain (Junior): Nate Turner
Jacka House Captain (Senior Girls):

Jacka House Captains (Senior Boys):

Kalais Crees
Ella WeberBeau Hartnell
Jacka House Captain (Junior): Brax Jacques
Jacka House Captain (Junior): Heath Leach
Jacka House Captain (Junior): Brodie Turnbull

2024 Bus Captains


Korong Vale


Sianna Thomas
Mia Rowan
Indy Simpson
Chanelle Badenhorst
Kyeishia McDonald ChapmanElla Weber & Beau Hartnell
Fentons Creek/Berrimal  Dakota Martin & Lily Finch
Rheola/Whela Chloe Looby & Lillian Stephenson

School Council

The school council has particular functions in setting and monitoring the school’s direction.

School councils have three main responsibilities:

  • finance: overseeing the development of the school’s annual budget and ensuring proper records are kept of the school’s financial operation
  • strategic planning: participating in the development and monitoring of the school strategic plan
  • policy development and review: developing, reviewing and updating policies that reflect a school’s values and support the school’s broad direction outlined in its strategic plan.

Other key functions of school councils include:

  • raising funds for school related purposes
  • maintaining school grounds and facilities
  • entering into contracts
  • reporting annually to the school community and the Department
  • creating interest in the school in the wider community
  • representing and taking the views of the community into account
  • regulating and facilitating after-hours use of school premises and grounds
  • operating a children’s service at the school.

2023 School Council Members are:

Parent Members:

Mrs Carolyn Stephenson (President & Chair)
Mrs Deanne Caserta (Vice President)
Mrs Lorraine Jackson (Treasurer)
Mr Dale McCoy
Ms Fiona Turnbull

DET Members:

Mr Danny Forrest (Executive Officer)
Mr Dean Lockhart
Ms Marie Marsh

Mr Alexander Iser

Mrs Carlie Turnbull

Ms Melinda Springthorpe

Student Members:

Eliza Turnbull
Pippi Hartnell