Welcome to Wedderburn College!

As you explore our website we hope you get a sense of the warm and welcoming learning atmosphere of our school. Our students consistently say that they love that they are known by their teachers and that they know everyone too because we a close tight-knit school.

We have achieved excellent VCE results for our size and you can check them out here  https://infogram.com/ned-906-vce-results-2019-1hd12yqp3jzl4km

Wedderburn College is a child-safe school. Everyone has the right to be safe and protected from abuse. Please see our policies on this site for more information.


Ms Rachel Lechmere

Rachel is an experienced teacher and educational leader. Having worked in multiple contexts across the government and catholic sectors, regional and metropolitan, as well as in primary, secondary and tertiary settings, Rachel brings a breadth of experience to her role and is passionate about the ‘whole person’ education of rural students and the continuous improvement of systems, structures and processes as a foundation for student-centred and evidence based decision making. Rachel has postgraduate qualifications in Educational Leadership and Human Resources.

“Our responsibility and key priority is to make a positive impact on the educational, social, emotional and physical lives of our students. We have dedicated, responsive and caring staff who have a genuine desire to develop our college as a school of choice, where all in the community can have confidence that a quality curriculum and learning environment exists.

Our students deserve the very best, therefore, the learning environment we create, the relationships we develop with parents and carers, and our engagement with the broader community all have a significant role to play in ensuring that the educational experience we offer matches the college vision: to develop positive, socially and technologically competent learners who can contribute to the local, state, national and global communities with confidence.”

Assistant Principal

Mr Dean Lockhart

An alumnus of the College, Dean is an experienced educator having worked in multiple educational contexts, including secondary and post-school pathway settings. In addition to his many years as a classroom teacher and over a decade of experience at a Senior Leadership level, Dean holds a Master of Educational Leadership and brings a strong grounding in business and strategic planning. Dean’s demonstrated capacity to foster high expectations and a learning environment that helps all students to develop their special abilities and talents – together with his leadership skills in coaching, motivating and building teams, is highly valued by Wedderburn College and the wider community.

“ We believe that a strong emphasis on high expectations for both students and teachers, genuinely supported by parents and the wider community, will lead to learning success for our students and also pride for our community of Wedderburn.

We utilise the School Wide Positive Behaviour Supports (SWPBS) framework to develop a positive climate for learning.  Our values of Respect, Responsibility and Respect underpin the way we do things at Wedderburn College and informs our desired partnerships between staff, students and parents.”