Learning can be challenging when students are experiencing issues related to their physical, emotional, mental or social wellbeing.

The College has a number of supports and resources to support students to continue to learn during challenging times and to ensure their safety. Building and maintaining a positive school culture and climate is foundational in the provision of this support.


The Homeroom program promotes a sense of school connectedness and belonging. Students develop positive relationships with their teacher who acts as their first point of contact for any concerns or matters arising and to celebrate achievements and daily life. Checking in daily for ten minutes each day allows students to feel known and cared for by their teacher, and to build a rapport of trust.

Students Services

School Nurse
Our school nurse is onsite for several days each week and fulfils multiple roles. This includes Health Promotion such as healthy lifestyle and relationships, individual consultations for students who need a listening ear, and support to families as school liaison for the development of Health Plans for any special medical needs of students.

Doctors in Secondary Schools
Our school is part of the Doctors in Schools program which provides us with the services of a Doctor and Nurse one day per week. Bulk-billed appointments can accessed by any Secondary student at the college or Primary students with an accompanying parent or guardian. Students can make appointments with our school nurse or they can drop in.

Student Support Coordinator
Our Student Support Coordinator works as liaison with community agencies, families and school staff to support students with additional needs. This includes but is not limited to, the coordination of the Program for Students with Disabilities, coordinating and conducting Student Support Group meetings, and working on the learning goals with staff and students.

SSS support
Our school receives additional support services from the DET in the form of Speech Pathology, Educational Psychology and Visiting Teachers.

School Counsellor/s
Our school has a visiting mental health practitioners who are onsite for approximately two days per week to support students with their mental health.

Breakfast Club & Fruit Program

Our College runs a breakfast program three mornings a week where students can access food for learning. Fresh fruit and other supplies are available to students and families at different times of the year. Food is stored in the College foyer and fruit is distributed in the BER and at other places in the school.


MATES is a mentoring program which aims to broaden opportunities for young people by meeting regularly with an older, more experienced adult who can encourage them through the final years of school and help develop their strengths, skills and goals for the future.

The purpose of the program and the mentor is to:

  • Mentor – Provide an additional positive role model in the lives of young people
  • Assist – Assist and extend the positive life experiences of young people
  • Target – Specifically target life and educational goals of young people
  • Engage – Engage young people more fully into their schools and local communities
  • Skills – Identify and enhance the skills of young people